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Dont be Afraid to Speak

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For some people, speaking in public can be a frightening specter. Fobia become a kind of solitary. However, for a few other people, speak in public is a source of livelihood. What secrets can be successful with the smooth talk in public?

"To speak in public necessary preparation, but also careful, there are people who may be afraid to talk because it is too much preparation. I can prepare akan when talking in public, but that should be particularly comfortable with yourself first. Hesitate to show is the number 1 enemy, " tips from Alexander's Sriwijono, psychologists as well as one of the authors books inc Points Talk-talkshows in the event that was held in Kinokuniya, Plaza Senayan. Sometimes, because we feel about people thinking that we will get to speak, or the audience, the older and more rather than we know. Try to think more positive.

Becky Tumewu and Erwin Parengkuan said that the talk is of the natural man. So, people should not need to fear to speak. In response to the statement that, to speak in public is a god-given talent, Erwin Parengkuan said that the speech is not a talent, but that is a material that distinguish will be presented. To be successful, someone must be able and willing to practice communicating with and observing the more sensitive, learn how often people catch one of your content, and how you disclose it and again, also note the response and body language that people talk to. Talking is like dancing tango, a response is required reciprocity.

Sriwijono Alexander added, "Communication is used anywhere. According to me, speak in public is not the talent, but the problem is how to convey things properly. Of the age now that many people replace the word 'help' with 'I', for example. That is not polite. Nah, need to learn to say words correctly, and learn from the responses of others. "

In his book, the third author, Alexander Sriwijono, Becky Tumewu, and Erwin Parengkuan 3 to emphasize the important points and when should someone want to have success in public speaking. Three points are; Mental strength, the accuracy of the words, body language and totality. "When we are afraid to speak in public, the third pillar is destroyed so sure. When someone can overcome the fear, the situation will be more smoothly. They needed to be able to harmonize and balance atmosphere, "said Becky Tumewu.

When asked in regard to public speaking prospective leaders this country, Alexander Sriwijono said, "According to me, public speaking is the timeless memory. I already have 2 children. I would like, anything that I submit in the public record in the media for 15-20 years. I do not want to, when I read what I say in that time, they are ashamed. I have to live up to what I say. So, I think, when the leader who is worthy of the word can be responsible in the future. "


(not) eating meat can save your beloved Earth

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Urban and rural communities can participate in the global warming by reducing the eating of meat.

"Reduce eating meat, because eating meat with the means to reduce livestock," said the practitioners of global warming Supreme Master Television, Contribute, Jakarta Murniati Kamarga seminars before the implementation of the Global Warming threaten the safety Planet Earth, in Cirebon.

According to him, cattle breeding, goat, buffalo, sheep and poultry are involved in global warming. With the eating of meat, which also means it will reduce livestock impact to the land for dihijaukan that serves as a forest.

On the other hand, global warming can be reduced with organic fertilization promote a pattern believed to be oxygen enriched.

In addition, a person can not eat meat at all (vegetarian) means the individual has been involved to reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

"Vegetarian is recommended to reduce global warming. Vegetarian, in addition to maintaining the health body, also means reducing the consumption of meat," he added.

Therefore, the purpose of the seminar is to provide understanding of the broadest community, the participants from among students, teachers, youth organizations and women's organizations, amounting to around 300 people.

All communities affected by global warming, both in urban and in rural areas. "Therefore, all need to participate to minimize it," he said.


Mysteries Four Last Minute of Air France AF 447

Loss of aircraft Airbus A330-200 owned by Air France flight number AF 447 on the Atlantic Ocean is still mysterious. CEO of Air France, Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, merely says that the plane entered the air turbulensi region around the great dinihari at 02.15, on Monday local time, or three hours after the foundation of the offshore Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Paris, France.

When the system automatically initiate the exchange of aircraft electronic message with the Air France computer center. Beep sent a message that indicates that there have been some failed to function in a series of tools jet plane full of passengers (number of passenger capacity of 228 people with 256 seats if the cabin is divided into three classes).

Aircraft that are flying at an altitude of 11 thousand meters and speed of 838.5 kilometers per hour is also a danger signal to the loss of pressure. Only four minutes total contact message before the plane was eventually lost until now.

Air France suspicious electrical problem that is expressed in the messages that initiate the next major disaster on the device control board wide body twin-jet plant was made in 1995. For that reason, some experts claim the flight clap quite reasonable. Mainly because of the location of the loss of aircraft including Intertropis convergence zone (ITCZ).

ITCZ is a zone vulnerable storm. Start this month also cloud Atlantis which are up to 12 kilometers found reasonable. "This is the zone when the wind from the northeast to meet the southeast's. This is the meeting place between the northern hemisphere weather and south," said Henry Margusity, meteorologis senior at

Intensive solar radiation and sea water masses warm ekuator unique role in this zone heating the air mass, degree kelembapannya toss, and make them buoyant. With the air mass continues has entries from each hemisphere, the air mass is more buoyant large - deliver saturation water vapor through a series of lightning storms is almost constant.

Unlike other aircraft, which is available to manually control the rudder and fin aircraft, Airbus 330 is equipped with a "fly by wire". Simply send electronic signals from the computer in the aircraft for the aircraft manually.

Here is a few experts can agree on the causes of thunder as the loss of Air France. But, the condition, clap system damage must be "fly by wire" with the computer back up. "If you have an electrical problem which is worse, the instructions to the control-control aircraft can only cut off," said John Hansman, aeronautics experts.

Not all agree. Kieran Daly from Flight news site, Air Transport Intelligence, says the scenario is not possible and can not be accepted. "If that means that lightning has occurred causing a fire or beat up the whole structure of the aircraft," he said.

In fact, the former Airbus pilot, John Wiley, add, average aircraft are stumbled lightning once a year. "And they did not fall right?" he said.

Some of the other pilot did not even believe that the pilot Airbus A330-200 Air France deliberately challenging brutal storm cloud called Margusity have wind speeds of 160 kilometers per hour in it. "No pilot is flying the crazy lightning storms come through," said Tim Meldahl, a captain pilot international airlines in the United States who fly for 26 years, including 3000 hours in them with the A330 jet.

According to Meldahl, pilot duty, find a way in between the storm clouds. He observed thunder lightning in a cloud in front of bermanuver avoid ago. "If they penetrate, they can be trapped updraft," he said.

Updraft or turbulensi this must be avoided is not merely a matter of flight safety, but more comfort to the passenger flight. Each pilot must maintain stability in the altitude-speed plane discovery. If go down to pitch up in the clouds and storms reel turbulensi the air, it will fly in difficult the boundaries of the desired.

"Not to make us afraid, but certainly not very convenient for passengers in the back," said Roger Guiver, former captain in the pilot airlines British Airways, affirm.

Then, if not the clap and snare turbulensi, what is actually happening with Air France was above the Atlantic on Monday dinihari ago? Why the plane failed to function and this cabin lose pressure? As usual, it certainly seems to not be clear until the black box can be found.

Investigators combination of Brazil and France have 30 days to track the signal box flight data recorder to the four in the last minute over the Atlantic. Experts expressed the importance it can have on the seabed at the depth of 4000 meters. It took many weeks and even months to find.



Friday, June 5, 2009

klik pada gambar untuk mendapatkan penglihatan yang cerah dan lebih detail...hehe..^^


Indonesia disturbed by Malaysia again!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Malaysia warship still only “seduce” with water entering Indonesia. Evidence, although in the Ambalat Kaltim kept strictly seven ships of war of the TNI-AL Komando Armada RI Eastern (Koarmatim), ships of war in violation of Malaysia return. The incidence was almost occurred between military warship and Malaysia.

Malaysia warship of Fast Attack Craft Baung KD-3509 yesterday morning (30 / 5) at the undisguised provocation to the enter the waters of Indonesia. Incidence at 06.00 Wita was 7.3 nautical miles as far at the position 04 00 00 north -118 09 00 east. Ships of the Sea war royal Malaysia (TLDM) then go with the speed of 11 knots, bearing 128, and halu 300. Location persisnya lighthouse in the southeast Coral Unarang.

Spot''violations ship position and Malaysia this successfully detected via radar KRI Untung Suropati-872 patrol in the middle of the Ambalat,''said the Head Office of The Fleet East Letkol Toni Syaiful.

At that time, said Toni, KRI Untung Suropati are 04 positions on patrol? 04 80 north-118? 03 10 east. Respond to the radar detection problem of foreign ships entering the region NKRI, Marine commandant Major Ships (P) Salim ABK rule implementing the role of surface combat ship and the danger of pursuing direct foreign ships.

“Two others KRI, each KRI Pulau Rimau and KRI torch Pari, who is also the border patrol in the northern waters of Ambalat, to join the pursuit,''said Toni.

After approaching the point chase, a boat that Malaysia is Baung KD-3509. This kind of war ships with Yu KD-3508 that also violate the sovereignty NKRI on 24 May. Ship class Jerong weight 244 tons with a length of 44.9 meters and 7 meters wide was made in Germany in 1976. From its position, it is known that the Malaysian ship to enter the territory of the far NKRI 7.3 nautical miles.

Commander''KRI Untung Suropati-872 tried to make contact with the radio communications commander Baung KD-3509. But, the ship with meriam’s 57 mm and 40 mm close to the radio and did not want to maintain communication,''explained Toni.

Next, KRI Untung Suropati do intersepsi extent to 400 yard. However, communication is still not involved. Baung KD-3509 is not heed warnings KRI Untung Suropati.

Because it is not also involved radio communications, KRI Untung Suropati try to do as well as signaling communications shade to force strict Baung KD-3509 out of the water NKRI. During the process of''shadowing (shadow), the KD has been doing Baung provocation through four zig-zag maneuver and increase the speed boat that is very dangerous KRI Untung Suropati,''said Toni.

After 1.5 hours haunt Malaysian ship, the KRI Untung Suropati successful herd and to out of the region NKRI.

From the information obtained Radar Tarakan (Jawa Pos Group), TLDM warship was anchored for about 15 minutes in the City of Tawao, Malaysia, after obtaining strict supervision KRI Untung Suropati. But, not long after, the ships of war TLDM turn directions rotate 180 degrees and return to the path according to their direction of arrival (in the area of Malaysia).

Not long after''Baung KD-3509 to enter the waters of Malaysia, Malaysia through a helicopter on the ship in a position to provide protection,''said Toni.

Belt type helicopters patrol the property of the Malaysian Marine Police had to fly through the KRI Untung Suropati and even approach the post of TNI-AL in the mouth Sei Pancang beach, Pulau Sebatik.

KRI Untung Suropati any contact element air patrol TNI-AL Nomad P-834 which is located in the Tarakan. Next, intai maritime aircraft is flying toward a position to help dispel ship Malaysia.

malaysia you termagant!


Love your child

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nowadays, many parents forget how beautiful to educate and teach children well. Indeed not a few parents (young couples of the present) that make the implementation of discipline of the children too hard. This condition should not be done, because mental illness can affect children in the future. Therefore, the conclusions of a survey the other parents about this, and aggressive behavior of children done by Murray Straus, a sociologist from the University of New Hampshire to 991 parents.

According to the survey, the thunder and threatening is the most common form of aggression from the parents. Compared to the more extreme action again, as threaten, curse, and call the rough with the call stupid, lazy and so on, then snap the most done.

Not only the child, the baby was a rave. But usually the young age of parents, the more often they also make a 'disciplinary action' tersebut.Dari the survey, 90% claim to do the forms psychological aggression during the first two years of age children. And 75% of them confess to growl or shout at the children. Quarter of parents cuss or curse their children, and about 6% even threatening to drive the children.

According to Straus, this action brings the long-term psychological effects for the children, even though the law can not called violence against children. But the impact is not directly visible and new discovered usually after they are adults.

Straus added that psychological aggression can make it difficult to adapt a child or even behave poorly, because of various factors. For example, a less confident, or vice versa, to be rebels. But the most feared is when they do the same for their children soon. But if the psychological, kelakukan children that one should be fixed, dont be anger to him
Senada the study, Anna Surti Ariani, child and family psychologist at the University of Indonesia said children are miniature parents. If the parents educate and teach children with a hard, it will impact on the future. "Many parents do not realize how a small child or so sensitive to the pattern of the students they teach. Often considered trivial and persevere with the discipline of a good result. But not so, "said psychologist normal known as Nina.

Nina suggested parents should educate clever-clever and teach children with love and affection. When children have been since early in the dilekatkan things that approach love and affection the child will grow further. He was going rate, anger and emotions that rage against children is not a good way out. "There is a need to be dicipline the children, but not do so. Children grew up not with the emotions, but must be maintained with love and affection, "he said. HADRIANI P


Prita make many people afraid to write in the virtual world

Prita Mulyasari, a mother of two children, in trouble make a complaint via e-mail, which then spread to various mailing lists (mailing lists). Prita start since May 13 in 2009 while awaiting trial on June 4 2009.

Prita this tragic story when he started writing keluhannya via e-mail to a number of colleagues in the August 2008 Medio. Prita about the hospital services in the Omni Hospital, Tangerang. Unsuspected any posts Prita spread to various mailing lists and berbuntut detention.

Some people worry that the case Prita. Even claim to have a fear of writing in the blog or mailing list because of this case.

Prita case whether to make you afraid to foreverglo via blogs, e-mail, forum or even Facebook?


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